This is advice which we hope will help you identify the products best suited to your own requirements.

Everyone has unique requirements, and as professional installers, as well as suppliers, we understand this.

We want to ensure that you make the best possible investment for your business, which is why we want to offer advice and support before anything else.

Frequently, our customers spend less than they have budgeted based on alternative advice, by contacting us.


Dedicated Advice To Help You Choose The Best Display Products For Your Property Business

Below are the main types of property display which are the most popular today, and worth your consideration.

The must have product for estate agents today, illuminated LED light pockets ensure that your professionalism is clear and evident to both existing and potential customers.  

Sometimes referred to as Light Panels, our Light Pockets are amongst the best quality ones available but are also competitively priced.

The pockets are double-sided, with a life expectancy of 60,000 hours, with little or no maintenance required.

For best results, they should be arranged in a minimalist approach, giving them space to sell, and thus creating an open, warm and welcoming office to potential customers.

Now that the majority of property agents have installed LED light pockets in their offices, if you don’t have illumination in your window display, you run the risk of losing potential new  business every day.

If your aim is to attract the attention of passing trade, then illumination in your window displays is absolutely crucial.

Light pockets are available in all of the standard sizes, from A4 to A0.  Multi-wide pockets can save on space and reduce the need for cables and power supplies.

Printing is another important aspect to consider.  You must use reasonable quality paper to get the best results.  But you also need to consider the design of your prints.  Large, single images with minimal text bring the best results.

This is another aspect we ask you to contact us about for advice.